Saturday, December 12, 2015

Azure WebJobs

Azure dev platform is changing quickly, but there is a solid effort from Microsoft Web tools team to provide usable documentation also. There is always a challenge with "magic goes here"
tools with too many layers hiding actual behavior.

What is the Azure WebJobs SDK

How to use Azure blob storage with the WebJobs SDK
"This guide provides C# code samples that show how to trigger a process when an Azure blob is created or updated. The code samples use WebJobs SDK version 1.x.For code samples that show how to create blobs, see How to use Azure queue storage with the WebJobs SDK."

BlobTrigger attribute: Note: The WebJobs SDK scans log files to watch for new or changed blobs. This process is inherently slow; a function might not get triggered until several minutes or longer after the blob is created. If your application needs to process blobs immediately, the recommended method is to create a queue message when you create the blob, and use the QueueTriggerattribute instead of the BlobTrigger attribute on the function that processes the blob.

Create a .NET WebJob in Azure App Service | Microsoft Azure
"This tutorial shows how to write code for a simple multi-tier ASP.NET MVC 5 application that uses the WebJobs SDK to work with Azure queues and Azure blobs. The tutorial shows how to deploy the application to Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database.

The sample application is an advertising bulletin board. Users can upload images for ads, and a backend process converts the images to thumbnails. The ad list page shows the thumbnails, and the ad details page shows the full size image."

Contoso Ads architecture

code for this tutorial
Simple Azure Website with WebJobs using the WebJobs SDK in C# for Visual Studio 2013

Deploy WebJobs using Visual Studio

Azure Websites and WebJobs | Pluralsight

Web Jobs · projectkudu/kudu Wiki · GitHub

Introducing Windows Azure WebJobs - Scott Hanselman

Azure WebJobs 101 - Basic WebJobs with Jamie Espinosa - YouTube

NuGet Gallery | Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs 1.1.0

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