Friday, December 18, 2015

Azure Storage Explorer(s)

Interesting tools for accessing Azure Storage
Azure storage has REST API and SDKs for for many platforms,
so there are many tools that are using those APIs.

azure-storage/deco · GitHub
"Project Deco: A file explorer for your Azure Blob Storage accounts, enabling you to easily work with your assets and containers from Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Create and delete containers, upload, download, and delete whole folders and files, preview media assets - with the free Azure Storage Explorer, you're in full control of your assets. Check out for more infos and downloads. This project is MIT Licensed. It is built upon GitHub's Electron, which incorporates Chromium."Screenshot
JavaScript based tool, wrapped in portable web browser shell (Electron).
Apparently moving from open source to free (but not open)


C# based desktop tool:
Azure Storage Explorer - Home

C# based web tool:
sebagomez/azurestorageexplorer · GitHub

Windows Azure Storage Explorers (2015) - Microsoft Azure Storage Team Blog - Site Home - 
MSDN Blogs

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