Saturday, December 19, 2015

Azure Storage Encryption

Azure File Storage, now generally available | Microsoft Azure Blog

"Azure File Storage exposes file shares using the Server Message Block 3.0 (SMB) protocol, the predominantly used file share protocol for existing on-premises applications... Azure File Storage also implements REST API protocol, which enables you to develop modern applications that integrate with existing applications... New features:
  • SMB 3.0 support, includes encryption and persistent handles
  • A new browser-based file explorer in the Azure Preview portal
  • Azure Storage Metrics for Azure File storage
  • The ability to mount Azure File Storage file shares from outside of Azure datacenters

Install a version of Windows which supports SMB 3.0. Windows will leverage SMB 3.0 encryption to securely transfer data between your on-premises client and the Azure file share in the cloud.

(this implies the data are not stored encrypted)

"The Azure Storage Client Library for .NET supports encrypting data within client applications before uploading to Azure Storage, and decrypting data while downloading to the client. The library also supports integration with Azure Key Vault for storage account key management."

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