Friday, May 01, 2015

Microsoft Edge web browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s New Browser Will Be Called Microsoft Edge | TechCrunch
Microsoft’s new browser is called "Microsoft Edge"
instead of “Project Spartan” placeholder.
Edge will be the primary/default browser built into Windows 10.
  • It has built-in Cortana support.
  • It has built-in reader, note-taking and sharing features.
  • The design focuses on simplicity and minimalism.
  • The rendering engine is called EdgeHTML.
This is Microsoft Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer | The Verge
While Microsoft Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer, Microsoft will keep its aging browser around for enterprise customers. Microsoft Edge is designed to be basic and minimalist for the future, and early previews include new features like digital ink annotation, Cortana integration, and a built-in reading list.
Microsoft's Edge logo clings to the past | The Verge

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