Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Swift Parallel Scripting Language

Another programming language with same name Apple selected.
Even the logo is similar (birds)...
What did Apple people think?

Maybe same like in case of iPhone, where the Cisco's trademark just expired...
Having a good trademark may be worth something after all...

The Swift Parallel Scripting Language:
"The Swift parallel scripting language. Fast easy parallel scripting - on multicores, clusters, clouds and supercomputers"

foreach protein in proteinList {

Swift Programming Language - Apple Developer

  • for index in 1...5 { println("\(index) times 5 is \(index * 5)")
  • }

Is it a coincidence that even syntax of both languages is similar,
with using brackets sparingly?

Brackets (Parentheses)
  • parentheses or "round brackets" ( )
  • "square brackets" or "box brackets" [ ]
  • braces or "curly brackets" { }
  • "angle brackets" < >

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