Sunday, June 08, 2014

Programming Languages "Garden"

With new programming language popping-up from Apple, Google, Microsoft
and open source, there was never a batter time to learn new tools, and also to be confused for "uninitiated".

For example, language "D" used in Facebook for faster analysis of C++ programs.
Conversation with Andrei Alexandrescu: All things D (the language) | Charles | Channel 9:
The interview with this prominent languages expert mentioned LLVM and Clang
and used term "garden" for this great variety of programming languages.

Apple's new Swift language has a quite solid foundation.
Lead person of "tools and languages" in Apple now is Chris Lattner
creator of LLVM, is was awarded prestigious ACM award
In addition, he started one of the best C/C++/Objective-C compilers, Clang.

A brief list of recent programming languages:
  • Dart, Google's "bet" on better scripting language for web browsers, by person who led improvement of JavaScript 1000 times over a few years, and before that created fastest Java VM that is still in use
  • Go, Google's "bet" on "system-level" language, to simplify C/C++ for parallel processing 
  • Swift, brand new language from Apple
  • F#, an excellent functional / .NET language by Microsoft
Then there are continuous improvement of mainstream languages
  • .NET / C# (a new compiler as a service)
  • Java (finally with Lambdas and other improvements)
  • C++11, 14 ("feels like a new language", as described its original creator)
  • JavaScript getting some really useful improvements and getting continuously faster against all odds
Plus there are many excellent "classic" open source languages, such as
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • Erlang
  • Clojure
  • ...
And that is only languages... There are many frameworks, tools, libraries that are evolving quickly and new being crated... 

Tour of C++, A
A "good parts" of latest C++

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