Wednesday, June 04, 2014

ideas: Giant Chinese City Float In The Ocean

The Next Giant Chinese City Will Float In The Ocean | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
"China is running out of room for its growing urban population. This amazing design--an entire prefab city that floats on water--could magically create more space."
slated to begin development on a pilot scale next year.

currently building a 31-mile long bridge between Hong Kong and Macau using the same type of floating modules that will make up the new city.
Large prefab blocks join together to form the base of the 10-square kilometer island, which will be filled with everything you'd expect on land. In theory, residents could spend all of their time in the new city.

“People won’t need to commute for jobs on land,” says Phan. “Work, apartments, entertainment and parks are all provided in the floating island.”


As sea levels rise because of climate change, the island will rise as well.

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