Monday, March 04, 2013

Redis on Windows, MSOpenTech

Download – Redis

Redis is a simple, high-performance, open-source, key-value store (NoSQL, BigData).
It is originally developed on Linux,
but "by popular demand" it is now also on Windows.
The source is on GitHub, and pre-compiled windows binaries are also included
in downloadable Zip (in folder /msvs/bin/release/).

There is an interesting "story behind"...
The original Windows port of Redis is done by Dušan Majkić from Belgrade, Serbia,
and since then Microsoft has launched a new company
"Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc."
that is dedicated for supporting open source projects on Windows platfroms, in particular on Azure.
Redis was first, but there is also node.js, Hadoop and many more...
MS Open Tech projects

interoperability @ Microsoft

MSOpenTech @ GitHub

The Little Redis Book

free e-book

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