Wednesday, December 17, 2014

IoT: Graph Databases: Meaning from Internet of Things

Graph Databases: Making Meaning From the Internet of Things:

"Graph databases are essential to discovering, capturing and making sense of complex interdependences and relationships, both for running an IT organization more effectively and to build the next generation of functionality for businesses. They are designed to easily model and navigate networks of data, with extremely high performance, which is why they have been so popular with social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn already. And now they are increasingly being adopted by forward thinking companies looking to extract maximum value from the Internet of Things."

From the creator and CEO of Neo4j... IoT is a good for marketing...

Graph Databases could be useful for IoT, assuming they can fit required data in memory, since sharding / clustering does not work very well for a graph db (yet).

Maybe those new super-large Azure VMs can help...

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