Thursday, December 09, 2021

AWS: Amazon ECS & CI/CD Workshops

 Amazon ECS Workshop :: Amazon ECS Workshop

This workshop is designed to educate engineers that might not be familiar with Fargate, ECS, and possibly even Docker container workflow.

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  • Amazon ECS Workshop - This worskhop guides you through deploying an example microsrrvices application on ECS, use of CloudWatch Container Insights, and other ECS features.
  • Amazon EKS Workshop - This workshop guides you through the process of setting up and using a Kubernetes cluster on AWS
  • Amazon Lightsail Workshop - If you are getting started with the cloud and looking for a way to run an extremely low cost environment Lightsail is perfect. Learn how to deploy to Amazon Lightsail with this workshop.

Tools for AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS

  • fargate - Command line tool for interacting with AWS Fargate. With just a single command you can build, push, and launch your container in Fargate, orchestrated by ECS.
  • Wonqa is a tool for spinning up disposable QA environments in AWS Fargate, with SSL enabled by Let’s Encrypt. More details about Wonqa on the Wonder Engineering blog
  • coldbrew - Fantastic tool that provisions ECS infrastructure, builds and deploys your container, and connects your services to an application load balancer automatically. Has a great developer experience for day to day use
  • mu - Automates everything relating to ECS devops and CI/CD. This framework lets you write a simple metadata file and it constructs all the infrastructure you need so that you can deploy to ECS by simply pushing to your Git repo.

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