Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Infrastructure-from-Code: IfC

clever idea, but it needs a better name :)

State of Infrastructure-from-Code 2023 - Klotho

Infrastructure-from-Code (IfC) is a process that analyzes your application code to infer the cloud resources you need, and then creates and maintains them without you having to manually define them.

Infrastructure from Code: the New Wave of Cloud Infrastructure Management - InfoQ

 Infrastructure as Code Is Dead: Long Live Infrastructure from Code - The New Stack

"Managing, maintaining and deploying applications and infrastructure securely and consistently remains an incredibly complicated challenge."

Despite the clear benefits to scale and automation that come with IaC, it remains very complex because cloud infrastructure is complex and constantly changing.

Infrastructure from code is a new way of thinking about and working with infrastructure provisioning, one that puts the application code at the heart of everything. Rather than creating configuration for infrastructure using version-controlled golden templates, you generate the infrastructure your application needs based on the version of your application being deployed (using AI)

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