Saturday, June 11, 2022

learning Rust, with optional stories

very clever! a checkbox to show/hide optional stories

Rust basics, from the perspective of a high level programmer - Daniel Bulant

"I seem to like storytelling a bit too much.
Enable story [x]"

Here’s a list of resources I found useful:

  • rust book - an online book with short chapters about common things people want to do with Rust
  • A gentle intro to Rust - A short “book” that can be read in an hour or two, with a day or two worth of examples if you try them locally. Much more in-depth than this post, but still easy to grasp.
  • r/rust - The well-moderated reddit community (quick to search. If you have a problem that will take longer than a single Discord message, post it here so that others are able to find it as well).
  • The discord community - A simple way to quickly ask other developers
  • rust by example - The sort of thing I’d be going about in here as well, but this is just a quick short intro, that should be your go-to book if you want to learn even more.

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