Sunday, April 03, 2016

API economy

Almost everyone is doing the API economy wrong | TechCrunch
"As software “eats the world,” it seems like it’s not enough for a business to just serve its customers and hopefully make a profit, they also have to be “platforms” — and, as any developer would respond, these days you just can’t be a platform without an API
API about how two companies can work together to create more value than either of them could independently."
Sadly, we see two things today when it comes to APIs: either the closed “partner-only’’ API model, where a company announces with some fanfare that it now has APIs, but you can’t use them unless you’re very important, or the mildly less-depressing situation where a company launches a technically great API, but does so with no developer business model.
Doing an API program right shouldn’t be that hard.
If you’re going to open up an API for developers, ask what’s in it for them."

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