Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Innovator’s Dilemma: Android vs Samsung

Android and the Innovator’s Dilemma | Re/code
"We have two very different things happening in the smartphone world. We have Apple, which is growing smartphone share in many regions where people said iPhone peaked, raising ASPs and capturing new customers switching from Android. Then we have Samsung, which has quite a different circumstance. Samsung’s mobile phone unit is suffering from nearly every symptom found in the “You Are Being Disrupted” handbook. Not shockingly, it missed estimates again."
One of the most interesting observations about all of this is that the Innovator’s Dilemma was supposed to impact Apple. This was a fundamental tenet of most bear cases. When the market for smartphones became filled with good-enough devices at very low prices, why would anyone buy an iPhone? Yet this is impacting Samsung exactly according to the guidebook — but not Apple.

The fundamental lesson to learn here is that the Innovator’s Dilemma, in this case, only applies to Android land, because all the hardware OEMs run the same operating system."
"I’ll make a prediction. Samsung will be out of the smartphone business within five years."

Maybe Samsung could disrupt itself, i,e. by a new category such as "SmartPhoneWatch"
Samsung Gear S, (AT&T), Frost White

Trouble is, users accept innovation from Apple,
and from other usually expect known product with a good price...

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