Wednesday, October 07, 2015

C++ Core Guidelines

CppCoreGuidelines/ at master · isocpp/CppCoreGuidelines · GitHub

Bjarne Stroustrup Announces the C++ Core Guidelines - Slashdot
"At CppCon this year, Bjarne Stroustrup announced the C++ Core Guidelines. The guidelines are designed to help programmers write safe-by-default C++ with no run-time overhead. Compilers will statically check the code to ensure no violations. A library is available now, with a static checking tool to follow in October. 
Here is the video of the talk, and here are the slides.The guidelines themselves are here."
C++ Core Guidelines will Help Writing Good Modern C++ @ InfoQ

Bjarne Stroustrup announces C++ Core Guidelines : Standard C++
Standard C++

Stroustrup: C++ Style and Technique FAQ

Video available: Bjarne Stroustrup, “Writing Good C++14”—CppCon 2015 opening keynote : Standard C++

CppCon 2015 | Channel 9

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