Friday, October 30, 2015

Andoid += ChromeOS? : Mobile Web Apps

Chrome OS rumored to be folded into Android as early as 2017 | Android Central

Google denies that it will fold Chrome OS into Android | Technology | The Guardian

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Pixel C @ Google

Hands-on: the Pixel C is a great Android tablet that costs a great deal of money | The Verge

ChromeOS is quite successful in schools, and is essentially for "netbooks": small laptops.
But it can now also run some Android apps.
Android is running Chrome browser as an app.
They both run on Linux. So it is a big mix.

Google Pixel is running ChromeOS, it is a laptop
Google Pixel C is running on Android OS, it is a hybrid tablet with attachable keyboard

Android is for Apps, Chrome is for Web.

Web sites are increasingly running as "SPAs" (Single Page Apps) in web browser,
getting data from "cloud" web server APIs, and often can be "wrapped" to run as mobile apps.
So next "convergence" of web and mobile are web apps that can run as mobile.
Could this be long awaited "Web 3.0?"

Obviously this is already (almost) reality with Cordova/PhoneGap,
and is available on Windows, iOS, Android...
The next step would be W3C standardization of integration JavaScript APIs
as well as server side JSON service "APIs"...

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