Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Zone" Focus@Will Music To Boost Concentration and Focus

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"Focus@Will is a neuroscience based subscription service that uses phase sequenced playlists of instrumental music designed to improve users’ productivity."
Music To Boost Concentration and Focus - Focus@Will Music for concentration
"Listen Free.
On mobile, tablet or computer, listen to multiple music channels scientifically optimized to increase concentration and productivity. Listen FREE now with our 15 day trial no credit card required. Get focused now!
Track Your Focus For the past week with our automated productivity tracker.
Use Our Productivity Tracker to record your productivity and customize your sound sessions. Find out what types of music and energy level settings keep you most focused and productive so you can personalize for your cognitive type and biorhythms."


mentioned in: Salim Ismail - Disruption - YouTube

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