Friday, May 22, 2015

clouds: Microsoft +? SalesForce

Microsoft tried to buy Salesforce for $55B, report says - CNET
(and SalesForce was asking for $70B)

"...Salesforce currently has a market valuation of more than $49 billion. Microsoft, which is the world's largest software maker, has more than $95 billion in cash and cash-equivalents

..SalesForce reported $1.51 billion in revenue for its fiscal first quarter, and forecast sales for the full year could be as high as $6.55 billion."

Forecast: "cloudy" :)

“Across the full and varied spectrum of cloud activities there are now six companies that can lay a valid claim to having annual cloud revenue run rates in excess of $5 billion – AWS, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Salesforce"

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