Sunday, September 08, 2019

Fluree : Graph + Blockchain Data Store

The Cloudcast: Blockchain beyond the Database

Fluree Data Management Platform

Fluree Data Management Platform

gRPC-web (from web browser)


gRPC-Web, a JavaScript client library that enables web apps to communicate directly with gRPC backend services, without requiring an HTTP server to act as an intermediary.

grpc/grpc-web: gRPC for Web Clients

gRPC-Web clients connect to gRPC services via a special gateway proxy: the current version of the library uses Envoy by default, in which gRPC-Web support is built-in.

visual data: world economy

Infographic: The $86 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

The World’s $86 Trillion Economy Visualized in One Chart

The $86 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

The United States Generates a Quarter of The World’s Output

d3-voronoi-treemap usage -

d3-voronoi-treemap usage @ GitHub

ev: Porsche Taycan "Turbo" vs Tesla Model S

Porsche Taycan demonstrates difficulty launching performance EV on Tesla turf - Electrek

Image of a Porsche with a picturesque landscape in the background.

Porsche provides almost half of VW Group’s overall profit
while selling just 3 percent of its global volume of 10 million vehicles a year.