Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Interactive computing": nteract, notebooks (iPython / Jupyther)

Interactive Computing Experiences with nteract and Safia Abdalla on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers
"Scott talks to Data Scientist Safia Abdalla about the rise of python notebooks and new ways to think about interactive computing, both online and off. What is "interactive literate coding" and how does it change computing for both the technical and not-quite-technical user? All this and Safia teaches Scott about the "nteract" project.

"nteract is a desktop application that allows you to develop rich documents that contain prose, executable code (in almost any language!), and images. Whether you're a developer, data scientist, researcher, or journalist, nteract helps you write your next code-driven story.

"Hydrogen is an open source package for GitHub’s Atom text editor that allows users to run their code with an interactive REPL session with your language of choice."

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