Sunday, June 05, 2016

The biggest cloud VM instances

AWS Launches Massive X1 Instances Targeting High Memory Workloads @ InfoQ
"AWS recently added a new instance type with nearly 2 terabytes of memory and 128 virtual CPUs. This is the largest virtual server available today in the public cloud, and is a target for memory-intensive workloads such as SAP HANA.
The instance specifications are:
  • 128 vCPU via four Intel Xeon E7-8880 v3 processors
  • 1,952 GiB of DDR4-based RAM
  • 3.84 TB of local SSD storage, capable of up to 126,000 random-read IOPS
  • 10Gbps of network bandwidth"
The x1 starts at $13.338 per hour for an on-demand instance. Customers can get that down to $3.732 per hour with a three year commitment (“reserved instance”), and a $98,072 upfront payment

Cloud ProviderNumber of Instance TypesMaximum RAM Available
AWS EC240 (current generation) / 55 (overall)1,952 GB
Microsoft Azure40448 GB
Google Compute Engine18208 GB
Digital Ocean964 GB
CenturyLink Cloudconfigurable128 GB
IBM Softlayerconfigurable64 GB
Joyent25110 GB
Rackspace19240 GB
SAP Solutions | Microsoft Azure
"...with purpose-built hardware that is specifically tuned for SAP HANA, you can scale your SAP HANA workloads up to 32 TB on multimode configurations."

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