Monday, February 15, 2016

visual: with BabylonJS and WebGL

Mat Velloso's blog | Announcing the first alpha of
This allows the visualization of Azure based systems in a very cool way. More details on our GitHub repo:

MicrosoftDX/AzureLens @ GitHub

"This is an ASP.Net project meant to run on Visual Studio 2015. It's mostly C# and TypeScript. In order to run it, you will need the following dependencies:
  1. DocumentDB: This is where diagrams get stored. You need to point the web.config to your instance of DocumentDB (app settings)
  2. Azure Active Directory: In order to design diagrams, the user has to be authenticated against Azure AD. To thest the app locally you will need to setup your own Azure AD application and configure the settings (Client ID, Tenant, Audience and Password) in the web.config for it
  3. Azure blob storage: Setup an Azure blob storage and point the web.config (StorageConnectionString) to it."
BabylonJS - 3D engine based on WebGL/Web Audio and JavaScript
WebGL. Simple. Powerful.
A complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5, WebGL and Web Audio

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