Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Microservices & Macro-services @ Amazon

I Love APIs 2015: Microservices at Amazon
How do Two Pizza Teams work?
We call them “Service teams”
• Own the “primitives” they build:
– Product planning (roadmap)

The Science Behind Why Jeff Bezos's Two-Pizza Team Rule Works

Microservices and Teams at Amazon @ InfoQ

"definition of microservices but also states four constraints:
  • Single-purpose.
  • Connect only through APIs.
  • Connect over HTTPS.
  • Largely black boxes to each other.
When comparing microservices with SOA Munns notes some distinctive differences
  • Many very small components
  • Business logic lives inside a single service domain
  • Simple wire protocols, e.g. HTTP with XML or JSON
  • API driven with SDKs/Clients
  • Fewer more sophisticated components
  • Business logic can live across multiple domains
  • Enterprise Service BUS (ESB) like layers between services
  • Middleware
$4 / month / user, against Microsoft $5 & Google $5. 

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