Monday, January 11, 2016

"Learning path": Azure Service Bus

Learning pathway ... is described as the chosen route, taken by a learner through a range of (commonly) e-learning activities, which allows them to build knowledge progressively. With learning pathways, the control of choice moves away from the tutor to the learner.

Find a Learning Path - O'Reilly Media
O'Reilly is promoting idea or "Learning Paths", and now Microsoft and Pluralsight have their own...

Learning Paths on Pluralsight blog
"Learning paths help you know which courses to take in which particular order, so that you can work toward specific learning goals.

Azure Service Bus

"Service Bus is a generic, cloud-based messaging system for connecting just about anything - applications, services, and devices - wherever they are. Use this learning path to understand how to connect apps running on Azure, on-premises - or both."

Azure Service Bus | Microsoft Azure

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