Thursday, January 28, 2016

Google AI deep learning: Winning Go, Phone Chip Image Recognition

A Google DeepMind Algorithm Uses Deep Learning and More to Master the Game of Go | MIT Technology Review
"Google has taken a brilliant and unexpected step toward building an AI with more humanlike intuition, developing a computer capable of beating even expert human players at the fiendishly complicated board game Go."

"Google's most recent partnership with Movidius will make our smartphones smarter.
More specifically, the cameras in our smartphones could soon be equipped with machine learning technology that could help assist the blind and quickly translate foreign signs.

Google to Make Smartphones That Recognize Faces - Digits - WSJ
Soon, smartphones will not only take snapshots and videos but also recognize the objects pictured. Google is working with a Silicon Valley chip designer to let mobile devices do that kind of heavy computing internally rather than relying on remote data centers.

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