Friday, December 04, 2015

Xamarin += RoboVM - OpenSource

RoboVM Is No Longer Open Source @ InfoQ
"Following RoboVM’s acquisition by Xamarin, the company has raised the price of their offering and has closed the source code.

Both Xamarin and RoboVM have as primary activity the creation of cross-platform mobile applications, the first in C# while the latter in Java."

"By buying RoboVM, Xamarin gets access to the tremendous Java developer market, which analyst firm IDC pegs at between 5 to 7 million programmers worldwide."

"Xamarin announced recently that it's adding 60,000 users a month, with over a million registered developers. It specializes in helping enterprises build their mobile apps, which is a lucrative market as businesses move to software in droves. And Friedman now says that Xamarin has over 10,000 paying customers."

"RoboVM compiles your JVM byte code to machine code using LLVM. That's also used to compile C/C++/Objective-C on iOS. RoboVM apps are on par or exceeding the performance of Objective-C apps."

Interesting how Open Source is changing sides: Microsoft and Apple are open sourcing to get access to more developers, and small startups closing source to get access to more money...  Everybody needs something...

and the world needs universal automatic translation between programming languages, as well as between human languages. And why not between human and programming languages also! That would be a useful step to start using voice as a natural user interface...

1. "repeat" "10 times" "write" "hello world" "to" "console"
2. for(var i=1; i<=10; i++) { console.write("hello world"); }
3. (repeat 10 (write console "hello world"))

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