Saturday, October 17, 2015

IoT tools: Samsung SAMI

Samsung SAMI – a D3 Platform for the IoT
"Samsung SAMI is a Data-driven Development (D3) platform for receiving, storing and sending data to/from IoT devices. Any device can send data in various formats which is then normalized into a JSON format and stored in the cloud. Data can then be requested by other devices.
...Data can be later requested using REST or WebSocket API calls (API specification)
...Samsung has published a number of sample applications for Android, iOS, Node.js, Arduino, and the browser (JavaScript) that show how to use SAMI. There are also a number of SDKs that help with the creation of applications in Java/Android, Objective-C/iOS, PHP, Python and Ruby."

SAMI Developer Portal

interesting "cloud thing" logo :)

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