Friday, September 25, 2015

video streaming: (Amazon) Twitch vs (Google) YouTube

YouTube and Twitch are battling for the future of online video - Fortune
"(Twitch) new features... will include the ability to archive video and to create playlists...

Twitch had something YouTube didn’t: It was an early adopter in the streaming market, and in particular it latched onto a growing interest in watching other people play video games.
For a younger generation, watching live e-sports competitions on Twitch — or even just watching someone play a specially modified version of Minecraft — is like an older generation’s Monday Night Football. Twitch now has more than 100 million monthly visitors, and close to 2 million live broadcasters.

That’s why Amazon paid about $1 billion to acquire the company last year..."

Azure provides video streaming platform, so making a similar service would be quite easy.
So where are Azure based video services? It is time for something like that, preferably with 4K videos...

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