Friday, June 05, 2015

JavaScript vs. Dart

Google Moves Dart to GitHub and Kills the Chrome Dev Editor
"Google designed Dart as a better language for the web, for developers who wanted a more solid language and tools than what existed in the JavaScript ecosystem. Also, they aimed for better performance. While Dart is certainly more robust and better designed than JavaScript and it outperforms JavaScript on several benchmarks, the language has seen several setbacks.

Google announced in March they would no longer push the Dart VM for the browser, but instead focus on compiling Dart to JavaScript. The reason mentioned was developers’ desire to have “better integration with JavaScript, and they need an easier way to debug and optimize their appsacross all modern browsers”

Now Google has decided to move Dart to GitHub including the entire SDK, the VM, dart2js and various libraries.

JavaScript is winning, at lest for now. 
Dart is example of "intelligent design"  and JavaScript is a "messy evolution"

Creator of Dart language made JavaScript viable by improving its performance 1000 times with V8 engine, after doing the same for Java language before that with HotSpot.
Dart has a good clean design, but by not being actively used, it was not able to compete effectively. 
And being located in Denmark and not in Silicon Valley maybe didn't help either... 

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