Friday, May 22, 2015

IoT: node.js with Microsoft JavaScript engine

Microsoft Forks Node.js to Support ARM  @ InfoQ
"Microsoft has created its own version of version of Node.js which is designed to run on Windows 10 and support the ARM architecture. To do this, Microsoft has changed the default Node.js configuration from using the V8 JavaScript engine to allow the use of the Chakra JavaScript engine found on Windows 10.
According to Microsoft’s Arunesh Chandra and Gaurav Seth, the goal of supporting Windows on ARM is to further the company’s vision of powering the Internet of Things with Windows 10 IoT Core. Seth notes that while the project’s focus is on IoT Core, their modified version of Node.js should run on any version of Windows 10."

Interesting thing is that Microsoft's JavaScript engine is currently not open source...

With exhange-able JavaScript engines on browsers and servers, 
JavaScript has become a real universal platform ("assembly language of the web")

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