Monday, May 18, 2015

ideas: good character, good bottom line

Ethical CEOs Finish First - HBR
Fred Kiel, author of Return on Character, explains his research on why being good benefits the bottom line.CEOs Finish First - HBR

"...strong character leaders contributed an amazing:
  • almost five times bottom line profitability as do the weak character leaders. And 
  • they enjoy a much higher level of workforce engagement, about 26% higher. And 
  • they also have a significant impact on reducing corporate risk to the company.
So those are the three big headlines of the objective data. turns out that there is a set of moral principles that are universal among all cultures around the globe: integrity and responsibility (head) forgiveness and compassion (heart)

...innovation will only thrive in a forgiving culture. If people are afraid that if they try out a risky idea or promote some new innovative idea that might turn out to be a bad idea and not be successful, they’re not going to do that if they think they’re putting their career on the line and taking that kind of risk..."
Return on Character - KRW International, Inc.
character reputation predictor instrument

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