Sunday, May 03, 2015

"A Web of Apps" (Windows 10)

App-to-App Communication: Building a Web of Apps | Build 2015 | Channel 9
"...Wouldn't it be great if every device contained a web of apps working together rather than just the silos we see today? In this talk we discuss the tools available to developers to build just such a web of apps on Windows 10, including launchers, pickers, app services, and more..."

"Deep Linking" Windows 8 linking of apps:

Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri(“myapp:?name=value“));

When there are multiple apps with same registered URI, OS or user needs to choose
This can be used to return data (async)

App Services: store apps can provide services to other store apps
Think Web Services…on a device

var conn = new AppServiceConnection();
conn.AppServiceName = “FooAppService”;
conn.PackageFamilyName = “12Me.MyApp“;
var status = await conn.OpenAsync();

Best Practices
  • Wrap your custom scheme or app service in an SDK
  • Use NuGet to distribute SDK
  • Use REST-style versioning. For breaking changes, expose a new endpoint
Microsoft Ignite - Sessions
Building a Web of Apps: Launchers, Pickers, App Services, and Much More

Building a Web of Apps on Windows 10 | aruntalkstech

App Links - Cross-platform, open source, and simple mobile deep-linking

Bing App Linking | MSDN

A Web Of Apps | TechCrunch (2011)
"app discovery remains a challenge. Whether in an app store, on the device itself, or via a third-party service. Whoever cracks the nut of app discovery will have the potential to be the next Google: the search engine of the modern age. The search engine for a web of apps."

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