Wednesday, April 29, 2015

IoT: Future of the Internet

Google Glass head Tony Fadell talks Internet of things, proactive technology in recent essay | 9to5Google
"Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest and head of Google’s Glass division, recently published an essay at The Wall Street Journal highlighting his thoughts on the future of the Internet:

Today, most technology is reactive. We ask a question and get an answer in return. It’s useful, but it’s also limiting. What if we don’t ask the right question? What if we don’t know we need to ask a question in the first place?

In the future, more conversations will happen proactively."
Nest CEO Tony Fadell on the Future of the Internet - WSJ
  • "Connecting everyone
    It starts with getting everyone on Earth online.
  • Connecting everything
    Second, in the not-too-distant future, the question won’t be what devices are connected—it will be what devices aren’t connected.
  • From big data to useful information
    Third, the Internet will get better at turning data into information.
  • Reactive vs. proactive
    Finally, the Internet of the future will go from doing things when we ask to doing thingsbefore we ask."

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