Thursday, April 02, 2015

HTML6 proposal for single-page apps without Javascript from Bobby Mozumder on 2015-03-20 ( from March 2015) @ InfoQ

"HTML6 proposal for single-page apps without JavaScript to the mailing list.
Mozumder said that its goal was "a high-speed responsive web experience without having to load JavaScript. Such an experience could probably be done without JavaScript "by linking anchor elements to JSON/XML (or a new definition) api endpoints, having the browser internally load the data into a new data structure, and the browser then replaces DOM elements with whatever data that was loaded as needed," Mozumder said."

10 capabilities we want to see in HTML6 | InfoWorld

HTML/next - W3C Wiki

HTML6: The Next Big Thing After HTML5 | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content
"W3C has chosen to make HTML5 a living standard and they are debating whether to drop the numeration all together, so we may end up not actually calling it HTML6 after all."

The main "innovation" in those proposals may be name "HTML6" :)

Reducing role of JavaScript would be useful when frameworks like Angular stabilize typical features. In fact original intent of Angular was to be replaced by Web Components, eventually...

On more abstract level, "binding with remote data" may be promising.
If views / templates become available as Web Components, and data as Web APIs / services,
then the "controller" part may become main part of client-side web applications,
and it could at least partially be declarative instead of a lot of explicit JavaScript code.

HTML6 innovation could be related to mobile and embedded applications,
with browser acting as "PhoneGap" by default, with secure control of API access and caching for each "App" / URL. That way many mobile apps could become web apps, with much easier distribution.

Web browsers could also act as "containers", with complete insulation of each tab/session. Access to local resources would be trough services / APIs, to significantly improve security...

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