Friday, April 03, 2015

50 years of Moore’s Law

April 19, 1965: How Do You Like It? Moore, Moore, Moore | WIRED

The Multiple Lives of Moore’s Law - IEEE Spectrum
"A half century ago, a young engineer named Gordon E. Moore took a look at his fledgling industry and predicted big things to come in the decade ahead. In a four-page article in the trade magazine Electronics, he foresaw a future with home computers, mobile phones, and automatic control systems for cars. All these wonders, he wrote, would be driven by a steady doubling, year after year, in the number of circuit components that could be economically packed on an integrated chip."img
Image: Intel
"The Sweet Spot: Economics was at the core of Moore’s 1965 paper. He argued that for any particular generation of manufacturing technology, there is a cost curve. The cost of making a component declines the more you pack onto an integrated circuit, but past a certain point, yields decline and costs rise. The sweet spot, where the cost per component is at a minimum, moves to more and more complex integrated circuits over time."

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