Sunday, January 25, 2015

IoT CPUs: ARM vs Intel

ARM will wrestle Intel to power the Internet of Things (interview) | VentureBeat | Gadgets | by Dean 
"In terms of volume there is no market in the world like mobile. Mobile, which includes tablets, is shipping hundreds of millions of units for us. It’s probably outshipping everything else 10 to 1"
(and most of mobile devices are running on ARM licensed CPU)

"The next biggest market for (ARM) is digital TV and set-top boxes. (ARM) is in 70 percent of the market in GPU-enabled DTV, which is pretty much all TVs now."

"ARM-based servers being shipped in commercial systems, and you do. They’re popular."

"The critical part there is not just the ARM low power, but the fact that we’re enabling diversification. Rather than saying, “The answer is this server or that server,” we say, “Here are our processors. Here’s our technology. Go build what you think you can make a successful product out of.”"

"Intel, the world’s biggest chip maker, is definitely investing heavily to take this (IoT) market for itself. But ARM isn’t about to let that happen, according to Davies."

CPU micro-code standardization is very useful, but with modern compilers, there may be an opportunity to further optimize hardware for specific tasks. Microsoft Research is working on this, and likely are makers of processors. With expected volume of IoT devices, we could expected next generation of processing platform also. 

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