Saturday, January 17, 2015

AtScript vs TypeScript vs ES6 vs JavaScript

AtScript: Google’s new superset JavaScript runtime
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"Google’s continuing quest to improve JavaScript took another step forward with the unveiling of AtScript, a new superset JavaScript runtime type system written into AngularJS 2.0.

Rather than create another new programming language—Google has already done that with Dart—AtScript is designed to run on top of not only ECMAScript 5 and the upcoming ECMAScript 6, but atop Microsoft’s superset TypeScript language as well. The goal of AtScript is to make type annotation data available at runtime, also known as type introspection, in an effort to enhance JavaScript with type, field and metadata annotations."

AtScript Primer - Google Docs (by creator of AngularJS)
“Our plan is to use AtScript for building Angular and optionally let users of Angular leverage AtScript to build their own applications,”

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