Sunday, August 17, 2014

ScratchJr: App vs. Web

W3C is hosted by MIT, and Scratch, a visual tool for learning programming is also crated in MIT Media Lab, but Scratch is not a web based. Version 1.0 was based on Java, (current) version 2.0 was based on Adobe Flash, and there is also ScratchJr that is an iPad app (with idea to make Android version if they get funding).

It would be better, and more effective, if the tool was HTML5 based, I think.
Not that they didn't try... it is just that "native app" won this time...

We're seeking contributors to help finish our HTML5 Scratch player (now open sourced!) - Discuss Scratch
and then they gave up:
HTML5 Player - Scratch Wiki
The Scratch Team is not designing the HTML5 Player anymore. Instead, the Scratch community are the ones who can help design it, as the current source code is released
ScratchJr - Scratch Wiki:
"ScratchJr is a mobile/tablet application released on July 30th, 2014 for the iPad and developed by Tufts University, with grants from the National Science Foundation, to allow young kids to easily learn to program with a system based on Scratch. The goal of ScratchJr is to "develop and study the next generation of innovative technologies and curricular materials to support integrated STEM learning in early childhood education."[1] A version for iPads is currently available."

ScratchJr on the App Store on iTunes
iPad Screenshot 2
ScratchJr: Coding for kindergarten | MIT News Office

Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share

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