Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Xamarin 2.0

A new version of popular tools for building iOS and Android apps in C#

Announcing Xamarin 2.0 | Xamarin Blog

podcast interview with Miguel de Icaza @ The Tablet Show

podcast interview with Nat Friedman @ Herding Code

AirPrint Enterprise Problem and Solutions

Apple iPhone and iPad have a very convenient WiFi solutions
for printing (AirPrint) and media communication (AirPlay).
They are using Apple Bonjour protocol that works great at home,
but is "chatty" on larger, routed, network.
(based on multicast Domain Name System, mDNS service)

  • Problems with AirPrint and AirPlay on school wireless networks

  • IT groups petition Apple to "fix" Bonjour protocol

    There are some third-party solutions for this issue:

  • Aruba WLAN for Apple | Aruba Networks

  • Cisco to unveil Apple Bonjour gateway for enterprise WiFi networks

  • Aerohive Enables Every Enterprise to Support Apple AirPrint and AirPlay with Free Bonjour Gateway Software

  • Review: 6 AirPrint solutions for iPhones and iPads
  • The Forces Acting on Your Design

    Houzz is an interesting web site for home (re)design.

    They have a "IdeaBook" tool to keep links to useful home renovation projects...

    Perhaps you're not aware of all the dynamic forces at work in your home design process. Here's a graphical analysis: