Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Apple-Samsung Patent Struggle

Apple iPhone patent violated by Samsung, US trade court rules | Technology | The Guardian:
"Samsung violated two of Apple's iPhone patents and must end US import of some of its products, the top US trade court ruled...
  • Apple lawyer: Apple spent five years and $5bn to develop a product and it was a revolutionary product. Samsung said: 'We can copy it easily.' They spent three months to bring a product to market.
  • Samsung lawyer: monetary compensation would be an adequate remedy for any infringement."

This back-and-fourth is possible because both Apple and Samsung are "vertically integrated" production for the most part, or at least "large enough" (too large to fail?). For most of other companies, licensing to and from others is only option, and consequently it is an open competition, and also "race to bottom" prices and slower innovation?

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