Saturday, October 01, 2011 disaster

Delicious was "rescued" by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen,
from the "neglect" it had been suffering under Yahoo.

Sometimes, the best "action" is no action at all.

Now, the "new" web site is up and running, and it has too many problems to count.
It is a complete re-write, and not backward compatible, and not all data are transferred...
There is a lot of "lessons" that could be learned from this obvious "disaster",
an simple summary is:

Evolution is much better than REvolution.

Changes need to gradual, in particular when a service is in use for a long time, as was. Just ask Chinese government :)

Another important element: original creator of Delicious is not involved in this new site,
he is now working for Google... So whatever comes from the changes
will likely be very different, and indications are not better...

As an active user of delicious, I now regret for not moving to some more stable service sooner,
or implementing similar simple service for myself, as I was using before

Time to look at delicious's (new) REST API
A good thing: it appears to be working...

Oh, Delicious — where did it all go so wrong? @ GigaOm

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Chrome vs. Firefox

Chrome poised to take No. 2 browser spot from Firefox (by December 2011) - Computerworld

Chrome's global average user share for September was 23.6%, while Firefox's stood at 26.8%. IE, meanwhile, was at 41.7%.

Windows 7 "themes" packs, Serbian landscapes

Windows 7 themes

Browse and preview themepacks for Windows 7 - Bing Visual Search

Serbian Landscapes

Create a (Windows 7) theme

Mouse without Borders - SW KVM tool

Microsoft download from The Garage: Mouse without Borders - Next at Microsoft - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

The way it is used is very simple: install a software tool on multiple computers, using a "code" generated on first installation, to put computers in a "group".
Now, a mouse can "move" from one computer to another
same as it can move from one monitor to another on the same computer.
And when you "click" on another computer, the keyboard get assigned to that computer!
Pure (software) "magic". can control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard with no extra hardware needed – it’s all software magic, developed by Truong Do who by day is a developed for Microsoft Dynamics. The software is easy to setup and in addition to enabling drag and drop of files, you can lock or log in to all PCs from one PC...

Video: Check It Out: Mouse Without Borders @ Microsoft Channel 9