Saturday, September 24, 2011

(Windows 8) WinRT demystified

WinRT demystified - Miguel de Icaza

Microsoft has created a cool new UI library called WinRT and they have made it easy to consume from .NET, Javascript and C++ and if you adhere by their guidelines, they will publish the app on their appstore.
With WinRT, Microsoft has followed a simple rule: if an API is expected to take more than 50 milliseconds to run, the API is asynchronous.
When you use C# and VB, you are using the full .NET framework. But they have chosen to expose a smaller subset of the API to developers to push the new vision for Windows 8.
What they did was that they only exposed to the compiler a set of APIs when you target the Metro profile.So your application will not accidentally call File.Create for example. At runtime though, the CLR will load the full class library, the very one that contains File.Create, so internally, the CLR could call something like File.Create, it is just you that will have no access to it.

HP board mess

Voting to Hire a Chief Without Meeting Him -

...Hewlett-Packard board. “It has got to be the worst board in the history of business,” Tom Perkins, a former H.P. director and a Silicon Valley legend
when the search committee of four directors narrowed the candidates to three finalists, no one else on the board was willing to interview them. And when the committee finally chose Mr. Apotheker and again suggested that other directors meet him, no one did. Remarkably, when the 12-member board voted to name Mr. Apotheker as the successor to the recently ousted chief executive, Mark Hurd, most board members had never met Mr. Apotheker..."

HP's Stock During The Leo Apotheker Era

A Brand Value of an Individual Man

Without Context, Data is Meaningless

HP vs Dell

Agile Results | The Book

Getting Results the Agile Way | The Book
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Key 1. The Key to Time Management Is Energy Management

Managing your energy is how you produce more results in the same amount of time. You don’t get more hours in a day, but you can change your level of energy. If you can spend more time in your power hours or add more power hours to your week, you improve your results.

Key 2. The Key to Energy Management Is Passion

Living with passion is a key to your best results. When you think about energy, think of your mind, body, and emotions. You can eat right, sleep like a baby, and get ripped at the gym. In contrast, you can get physically drained, mentally drained, or emotionally drained. Your energy depends on fulfilling your passions. Your mind, body, and emotions play off each other.

Key 3. The Key to Results Is Time, Energy and Technique

The key to results is using your time and energy more effectively and efficiently. You can’t just throw time at problems. If you throw time at a problem, but you don’t have enough energy, you can spend way more time than you need to. On the other hand, if you have a lot of energy, and you throw time at the problem, but you don’t have the right technique, you can churn and burn, but never actually get the results you want. The key is to spend your time working on the right things with your best energy and the best techniques.

Getting Results the Agile Way is a way to make the most out of work and life. Agile Results™ is a simple system for meaningful results that combines some of the best methods for improving your thinking, feeling, and taking action. You unleash your best by spending your precious life force on the right things, at the right time, the right way, with the right energy. -- J.D. Meier