Monday, September 05, 2011

Apple iCloud runs on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services?

If iCloud Runs On Microsoft And Amazon, What The Heck Is Inside That Huge Apple Data Center?

...Apple recently finished building a (half?) billion-dollar data center in North Carolina...
This shot of the exterior gives some idea how huge the place is. See those tiny dots in the circle? Those are two people standing on the roof.

If true, this looks as a very good design.
Many data centers are more reliable than one. "It Just Works"...
This is similar to Netflix network architecture, that is using Amazon for distribution.

Apple's iCloud runs on Microsoft and Amazon services
Who says Azure isn't cool and trendy now?
@TheRegister, 2011-09-02

24 Nodes Available Globally for the Windows Azure CDN
@ MSDN.Microsoft, 2011-02-24

Some of best Microsoft people working on Azure, including
co-creator of .NET and ASP.NET Scott Guthrie,
creator of Windows NT Dave Cutler,
Windows internals and security expert Mark Russinovich...

Demand for "cloud" services is increasing exponentially...

Ever wander about the name?

Here is real "The Azure Window" at tiny but famous Mediterranean island Malta :)

Strange that Microsoft marketing never attempted to leverage
such a "beautiful by nature" picture...

Then, Amazon, or Google, or Apple, could use even more impressive
Delicate Arch