Friday, September 02, 2011

HTML5 Confucius: CSS3 corners

Confucius quotes

“Every truth has four corners:
as a teacher I give you one corner,
and it is for you to find the other three."
- Confucius

border-radius: 15px 5px 15px 15px;

Works fine in latest Firefox and Chrome, as well as in IE9,
but there is some issue with other page styles on the page
from site that I am using, so you can't see this page effect in IE9.


Border-radius: create rounded corners with CSS!

Translation APIs: Microsoft Bing vs Google

Roles reversed: Google charging for services, and Microsoft offering them for free :)

Recently, Microsoft announced availability of a free web API for translation.
This is a useful tool, and an interesting news, since not too long ago
Google announced discontinuing of their translation "labs" web API (apparently due to misuse/overuse).

In the meantime, Google has quietly re-activated translation API,
and this time as a commercial tool, with pay-per-use pricing.

Web APIs:

Using the free Bing Translation APIs

Google Translate API v2
Pricing and Terms of Service

1 M characters of text: $20.00

Interactive translation:

bing Translator

Google Translate