Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hands on with the HP TouchPad | Tablets

Hands on with the HP TouchPad | Tablets | Macworld

HP TouchPad is finally released.
It looks "almost" like iPad,
minus 100 000 apps, minus 2 hours of battery time,
and plus some weight and 1/3 thicker...

By the way, TouchPad, as well as WebOS that runs on it
is created by Jon Rubinstein,
same person who created original Apple iPod.
But TouchPad is not iPad. It just looks similar.

To "catch-up" with Apple's numerous apps,
I would suggest HP to release WebOS "app runner" and SDK for Windows (and if possible Mac).
Microsoft should have done this with Silverlight for WP7, and it is not too late for Windows 8 tablets.
Same apps should be able to run on various platforms, desktop and mobile.
Web is a good choice for this, and WebOS may be a good framework.

Making similar HTML5 based framework should not be too hard either...
And since it can be done, it will be done...
Even web browser (core) is the same (WebKit)
in iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and WebOS.

*PhoneGap is one such platfrom, for "mobile" only... and WebOS not supported yet...
*Appcelerator Titanium is another, and it does support both Mobile and Desktop.