Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Windows 7 Magnify: [Win] + [+]

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

"Magnify Your View: Win + (+)

Windows 7’s built-in magnifier lets you zoom in wherever you place your cursor. Just tap Win-plus (that’s the Windows key and the plus key) to enable the magnifier and set a 200% zoom level. When you mouse to any edge of the screen, your view scrolls accordingly. The more you tap the keys, the higher the zoom. Of course, you can just as easily zoom out again with Win-minus. "

Latest nuclear plant explosion in Japan raises radiation fears

The explosion in unit 2 had probably damaged the main protective shield around the uranium-filled core inside one of the plant’s six reactors. Such a breach would be the first at a nuclear power plant since the Chernobyl catastrophe 25 years ago in what was then the Soviet Union

IE9: "Beauty of the Web" or "Fast is Beautiful"

Beauty of the Web (IE9)

Microsoft has just released "all-new" version of "Windows" Internet Explorer (used to be Microsoft IE).

It is all about speed and simplicity: GPU acceleration, HTML5, etc...
The target is not Mozilla Firefox, but Google Chrome, I think...

If only I was able to submit this post to (owned by Google), it would be even better. Instead, submit button works only when IE9 is in "compatibility" mode. Even worse, switch to that mode resets contents of a web form...