Sunday, January 02, 2011

Inteview with Mark Zuckerberg, by Tim O'Reilly and John Batelle

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"Move fast, be bold and take risks" is what
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tries to hammer home everyday.

Near the end of interview, he says something like this:
"I like your map, but I think it is wrong:
the best parts are 'uncharted territory'; this is not a 'zero-sum-game'.

He got a applause from audience, and interviewers agreed that
'that is why you will win'...

Mark Zuckerberg: Your Map Is Missing ‘Uncharted Territory’

“The biggest part of the map has to be uncharted territory — this map makes it seem like it’s zero-sum, but it’s not. We’re building value, not just taking it away from someone else.”

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