Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HP WebOS trouble
HP preps Android e-reader as WebOS tablet pushes to 2011 - News - Linux for Devices

"Palm Pre designer exits in wake of CEO resignation

Peter Skillman, the lead designer on a team that created the Palm Pre smartphone has left the company, says a story in our sister publication, eWEEK.

After HP purchased smartphone-maker Palm in July, Skillman was the final remaining member of the Pre design team, which had been assembled by then-Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein. Other members of the team have also departed for various ports of call over the last few months, says the story.

Matias Duarte, who led development of the WebOS UI team, exited in June to join Google’s Android team. Michael Abbott, who left Palm in April, is now Twitter’s vice president of engineering, and Mike Bell, who had joined Palm from Apple, left HP last month to join Intel, says eWEEK.

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