Friday, June 25, 2010

Cars produced in the world - Worldometers

(1) It is estimated that over 600,000,000 passenger cars travel the streets and roads of the world today.

(2) now, we are burning about 10-20 million of years of carbon hydrates every year

(1) + (2) = (3) each person that is driving car (assuming it is using other forms of energy proportionally) is burning 6-12 days of complete worlds production
of fossil fuels each year. You can think about this way: to drive a car for a year,
you first go to a hunt on *all* dinosaurs in the world for a week or two...

In the United States alone, 247,421,120 "highway" registered vehicles were counted in 2005, of which 136,568,083 passenger cars. (Bureau of Transportation Statistics U.S. Department of Transportation)

year cars produced in the world
2009 51,971,328
2008 52,940,559
2007 54,920,317
2006 49,886,549
2005 46,862,978
2004 44,554,268
2003 41,968,666
2002 41,358,394
2001 39,825,888
2000 41,215,653
1999 39,759,847

"Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript."

V8 is a very fast JavaScript engine
open sourced by Google.

Now, it is being used as embedded into other systems.

So, JavaScript becomes a universal language,
not only scripting for web browsers.

An irony of this is that Google itself is trying hard
to hide JavaScript from developers, for example by using
translation from Java to JavaScript in GWT, Google Web Toolkit.

But, this also makes sense: JavaScript is different
in various web browsers, and it is a huge waste of time
to take care about this manually each time.

On the other side, when a dialect of language is fixed,
JavaScript becomes a powerful language
due to its functional programing features,
as well as its dynamic and scripting nature...