Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ford Turning Off PCs at Night to Save $1.2M

Despite more efficient chips and monitor technologies, the electricity bills for large scale computer use are still considerable for corporations. While not much can be done to reduce power consumption while a computer is in use, Ford Motor Company is launching a new initiative that aims to save over $1 million a year through smarter power management.
Why Mozilla Needs To Go Into Survival Mode

a very detailed comparison and analysis of web browsers on the market...

It is believed that Google’s royalties account for about 80-90% of Mozilla’s entire revenues. The royalty contract will end in 2011.

At the very best, Mozilla has an ongoing financing problem by being too dependent on Google, which has now an interest in the very market that is Mozilla’s beating heart. I’ll leave it up to you to predict what will happen in this space, but it is clear that Chrome is gaining market share at a fast pace and Microsoft will do everything it can to stop the bleeding as it needs IE9 as a central part for its cloud computing strategy. At the current pace, Google may catch up with Firefox’ market share within two to three years – and that is if Microsoft simply stands still. Add Microsoft to the equation and it becomes clear that you end up with a battle of the giants that leaves Mozilla in the middle of the battlefield, with a share of the market both Google and Microsoft want.
Richardson Maturity Model
steps toward the glory of REST